End-to-end network
inventory management

End-to-end network
inventory management

Consolidate network inventory and asset data into a single
source of truth for better operations and service delivery.

Networks span multiple generations of technology, creating a complex mix of resources and assets. Crucial data can be scattered in silos.

This inventory and asset data is critical for understanding your network, capabilities, and requirements. It includes physical, logical, virtual, and service resources – the elements that drive performance and service delivery.

If you cannot clearly visualize and understand these assets, you can’t enable friction-free operations. You can’t plan efficiently, build out new infrastructure, or deliver services at the speed customers demand.

VC4. Trusted by:

The single source of truth for your network

VC4-IMS is a complete, intelligent inventory
system that brings data together,
eliminates silos and provides a consolidated record of
your network assets – physical, virtual, logical, and service – giving you clarity and supporting automation
and transformation.

VC4-IMS extends to any network infrastructure:

  • Fixed

  • Mobile

  • Fiber
  • Wholesale

And any domain:

  • Access
  • Metro
  • Transport

  • Core

For all current, legacy and future technologies, offering outstanding user flexibilities.

User-friendly, consolidated inventory view

VC4-IMS provides a single consolidated view of all your inventory and assets, from warehouse to the premises.

With a user-friendly interface, rich search and reporting functions, data can be retrieved by any stakeholder.

Consistent, reliable, accurate and up to date

A unique, automated reconciliation process tracks network and equipment changes, ensuring accuracy

Correlate with GIS data for location visibility

Understand the location of all assets, with full geo-positioning, based on Google or OpenStreetMaps

Standard and proprietary interface support

REST, CORBA, ONF T-API, MTOSI, TL1, SNMP and more, providing comprehensive connectivity

Integrate and share key data

APIs enable inventory and asset data to be shared with other business processes, boosting automation

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