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VC4 is a leading independent provider of comprehensive network inventory management solutions to operators, carriers, utility providers and more. We offer VC4-IMS: a complete OSS Business tool. A complete business tool that helps you to maintain and plan your network, automate key processes and boost operational efficiency. Find out:

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About VC4

Headquartered in the Netherlands, VC4 B.V. has developed a proprietary inventory management system, scalable to any size operator. In operation since 2004, our customers use VC4-IMS to support their telecom network operations (plan, build and operate) for the fixed line, mobile and wireless networks, in hydro and electric utilities, submarine cable systems, radio link networks, and wholesale activities.

We believe inventory management is critical to network transformation, which is why our flagship product, VC4-IMS, provides a single source of truth currently unmatched in the market and is available off-the-shelf.

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