All the network inventory tools any telecom operator could ever want: all in one package!

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Get to know the VC4-IMS modules that will fit in perfectly with the way your organization operates

Stack your favorite VC4-IMS modules togheter and create a single source of truth for your network.

In addition to the single source of data you need to support the customer lifecycle and to plan your network investments, VC4-IMS offers modules and extensions to enhance business value – enabling you to make the most of your data, across key operational processes and functions.

Download this brochure and learn about:

  • The IMS Inventory Module

  • The IMS GIS Module

  • The Telephone number management module

  • The IMS Leased Line Module

  • The IMS IP Managementt Module

Find out what value VC4 IMS can add to your business.

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Stop working with scattered data and software: combine powerful modules seamlessly

The core of VC4-IMS is the modules that capture all assets – service, logical and physical – and map these to the physical network topology, delivering a rich, interactive geographical view.

Inventory management is key to efficient performance and transformation

To support the transformation of your networks and to manage costs, a modern network inventory management system that brings all data together is essential. It should deliver a comprehensive view to support all operational activities.

Streamline your processes

Optimize your tasks, intergrate processes, log and track your work.

Obtain information for impact analysis

Obtain, store, filter, learn and make better informed descisions.

Manage and track your assets

Find out how your organisation can get unparraleled insights in your assets.

Integrate and share key data

Learn how to capture all KPIs and share data with your users or business teams.

Any vendor, any technology networks managed

VC4-IMS provides integrated workflow management tools to ensure efficient process automation and delivery, as well as efficient change management. It boosts your ability to deliver high-performance networks for fixed, mobile, and wholesale, supporting any proposition.

  • Network infrastructure planning and management

  • Operational task automation and workflows

  • Network infrastructure planning and management

  • Operational task automation and workflows

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